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With its division « Solufruit », Siroperie Meurens is also one of the greatest fruit concentrate suppliers for agri-food companies. Our fruit juices and fruit purees are made from fresh apples and pears, dried date, fig, raisin, prune, apricot and from beet and chicory. Each of these products is available in several types of packaging (bag-in-box, drums, IBC and tankers). Our bestseller products are the following ones: date juice concentrate, prune juice concentrate, raisin juice concentrate, fig paste, date paste, raisin paste and fig syrup. The quality of our products is our main concern. We strive to preserve the aroma, the color and above all, the taste of all these fruits. Thanks to the quality of our juices and purees, you will be able to produce excellent products that stands out from your competitors. They can be used as a base for a lot of different products such as cereal bars, sauces, drinks, biscuits, vinegars, pastries and viennoiseries… They can also be used as a sugar substitute, natural colouring and taste enhancer in preparations. Did you know that some fruits are real natural sweeteners?

Furthermore, our juice concentrates and our purees are allergen-free, produced without any single processing aid (no enzymes, no additives) and are also available in organic quality. The processing facility is certified according to IFS, ISO22000, Organic, Kosher and Halal.

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Fruit concentrate

As a traditional fruit concentrate supplier, Siroperie Meurens has been processing fruits since 1902. Specialized in juices, purees, juice concentrates and fruit spreads, Siroperie Meurens processes fresh fruits (apple and pear) and dried fruits and roots (date, fig, raisin, apricot, prune, chicory), from both conventional agriculture and organic farming. The company has strict international quality norms and specifications regarding the suppliers. Indeed, upon receipt of the fruits until the shipping of the finished goods, the company has full control over the quality of its B2C products (fruit spreads: Sirop de Liège, Poiret and Pomona) and B2B products (juice concentrates, purees). Indeed, the fruits once delivered are processed internally into juice and concentrates and stored for production while the remaining pulp are revalorized for livestock feed. Siroperie Meurens has been manufacturing its own fruit juice concentrates for more than 100 years into a range of famous fruit spreads, known in Belgium as “Sirop de Liège”. It is made from date, apple and pear concentrate. Consumers like it on bread, with cheese, as ingredient in sauces, desserts or deli, and even as natural sweeterners! Our preparations will surprise you and seduce your guests!