Sirop de Liège
Fruits' industrial partner
Sirop de Liège

Siroperie Meurens was established in 1902. The company has been assembling its own fruit juice concentrates for many years into a range of famous fruitspreads, known in Belgium as “Sirop de Liège”. It takes 4 to 7 kg of fruits to get 1 kg of fruitspread.
Consumers like it on bread, with cheese or deli! If you wish to cook with “sirop de Liège”, try “our recipes”.

Juice Concentrate

“Solufruit” by Siroperie Meurens is your partner for simply and naturally processed fruits. Our range covers fresh and dried fruits (pear, apple, date, fig, prune, apricot, raisin), but also sugar beet, chicory and hibiscus. Available as concentrate or puree, these truly natural ingredients bring unicity, color, taste and positive labelling to your cereal bars, sauces, drinks, biscuits, vinegars, etc. Our products are allergen-free, produced without any single processing aid (no enzymes, citric acid, sodium carbonate) and are also available in organic quality. The processing facility is certified according to IFS, ISO22000, Kosher and Halal.